A Hong Kong Hyperlapse

This video has been shot entirely handheld using an Insta360 One. I recently got myself one of these nifty 360 cameras, and I have been absolutely blown away. The firmware on this camera makes it super easy to shoot super-stable footage without lugging heavy gear around.

The camera does an excellent job in daylight, but does struggle a little in low light conditions. Nothing that cannot be reasonably fixed in Final Cut Pro with some noise reduction and post production magic.

This camera has made it really easy for me to shoot hyperlapses, and has drastically reduced my post processing workflow time. The Flow State firmware allows one to shoot first, and point later in post production, so that you can be in the moment, rather than feeling like you’re working when on holiday.

This short film was made during a trip to Hong Kong and was shot on the Hong Kong MTR, Wan Chai, Mong Kok the Mid Level Escalators in Sheung Wan, and on the travelators of Hong Kong International Airport.

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