Bookworm’s Delight

A few days ago, as I made my way through the MRT, I came across this set of advertisements on the safety screens. The Singapore National Library Board has launched an app where you can digitally borrow your selection of reading material online.

If you’re a Singapore Permanent Resident or Citizen, you can sign up online via their official website. For foreigners on an employment pass, you need to show up at a library with your EP, and pay the SG$53 annual fee (which includes a SG$10) one-time registration fee, to be issued with your myLibrary ID. (They only accept payment via card – NETS or FlashPay). The NLB website lists all locations of the libraries which are open on the weekends, and are open late.

Once you’re signed up, you have access to a very large selection (over 3,000) periodicals and electronic newspapers.

This is in addition to a very large selection of best sellers and books that are on offer. Even for the $53 fee (which is $1 per week), it is excellent value if you read, and would rather borrow a book than buy it, and are concerned about minimising your carbon footprint!

This is yet another example on how Singapore embraces technology for some of the simple things in life!

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