Experience the Grampians

This National Park listed on the Australian National Heritage List is a mere three hours from Melbourne. The park showcases a series of sandstone mountain ranges that appear to lean on one another, and which form an ideal location for a series of waterfalls and cascades, and provide some amazing views of the valley below.

In September 2013, I took a few days off from work to spend some time with my family in this amazingly beautiful region. I shot 7,450 individual images in the process of creating this time-lapse video over a period of three days.

While I wasn’t blessed with the best weather during my visit (it remained mostly overcast and foggy, with only half a day’s worth of bright sunshine), the experience was quite different from my previous visit in December 2010 which was made of hot, dry days, and freezing cold mornings at both the Boroka lookout and Reids lookout.

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