Explore Great Ocean Road

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On the Queen’s Birthday weekend of 2013, I took a drive down this iconic Australian highway and world-renowned coastal drive. Great Ocean Road runs from Torquay to Warnambool, and culminates in a crescendo of dramatic limestone rock formations off the Victorian Coast at Port Campbell. The most well-known among these are the Twelve Apostles (though they’re somewhat fewer in number now, given that they have been falling into the sea). The rugged coastline is constantly changing, and what is seen today is quite different from as recent as four years previously, which in turn has changed from a previous four years since. The erosion of the coastline is not apparent, but if you pay close attention to the coastline near the Apostles, you will notice how it is gradually been carved away by both wind and water.

This video was put together from a combination of time-lapse sequences shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, and a series of video sequences shot with a pair of GoPro HD Hero 2 cameras mounted on the bonnet of my vehicle.

Great Ocean Road has more than just a rugged coastline to offer. It also offers one access to one of the most historic lighthouses in Australia, and to the Great Otway National Park and a series of waterfalls in a rain-forest.

The Music is a Creative Commons piece called “Dream Team” by Feveria from the album “Past Time Reflections” sourced from Jamendo.com.

If you would like to visit this region, and are looking for locations, how to get there, and how to prepare, visit Explore Great Ocean Road, where I have documented what I know about all the places that I have visited along this iconic Australian drive.


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