Los Angeles in Time-Lapse: Glimpses of Griffith and Santa Monica

This is the last of my short films from my trip to the Untied States of America in October 2014. Los Angeles serves as my international gateway point when I travel there from Australia. In addition, an old friend of mine now calls this city his home.

During my trip here, he took me to a couple of places that I was curious about – Santa Monica Pier, and the Griffith Observatory. This is a really short time-lapse film – this is partly because I was really worn out at the end of my trip, and partly because I was in Los Angeles to catch up with my friend, rather than go chasing photographs.

This city will be there when I go back for my next trip, during which I will probably have more footage and a new film to share. Today, this is all that I have – just a brief glimpse of two locations from this City of Angels.

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