Moomba 2014

Every year over the Labour Day long weekend – the second weekend of March – Melburnians celebrate Moomba, Australia’s largest community festival. 2014 marked its 60th year. Having covered the previous year in time-lapse while mostly shooting after dark, I decided to take on this year’s event from a slightly different angle… mostly from above. Moomba is a lot about the rides. It is also about live performances from up and coming artists from all over Victoria. Other events include the Birdman event, and a water-skiing competition. It is topped off every night with a fireworks display to be proud of.

Having lived in Melbourne for seven years now, I hadn’t attended to Moomba parade. Today, I got as close I have ever gotten to witnessing the parade… from the top of the Eureka Skydeck, which gave me the opportunity to try out a few creative techniques of representing this festival in time-lapse.

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