New York City in Time-Lapse

I make it a point to go away every year, sometimes twice a year. The United States is like my second home. It is where I earned my graduate degrees, and where I formed the personality that I carry with me today. It is also where a lot of my friends and family live. It had been seven years since I had last seen the shores of this land, and the time had come to pay it another visit. Along with this plan, I made it a point to go and see the people who are most important to me in life.

New York City is home to my cousin and his wife. I hadn’t met my cousin since my last visit there in 2001, and had never met his wife. A long haul flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles, and then on to the Big Apple got me there in a small matter of 20 hours… and then, it came down to the business of going out and experiencing the city.

New York is one of those cities where you can spend a lifetime, and yet merely scratch the surface. There is a very good reason as to why this city never sleeps. And while it is a charming place to visit, it is perhaps not one where I would like to live. This short film covers a very small part of New York, and has left me feeling the need to visit it once again in the future.

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