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I wish that the image that you shot with the camera was the one that you could use straight away. Sadly, this is not so, and this is especially the case with any form of photography where you are using naturally available light, with very little control over the environment.

Thankfully, we have a  range of different tools to help us out. I will be among the first to stand up and say that I run every image that I produce through Adobe Photoshop. But sometimes, one needs a little more help – and this is where Plugins come in handy.

My favourite set of plugins by far are the ones from Nik Software.


They include:

  • Color Efex Pro;
  • Viveza;
  • HDR Efex Pro;
  • Silver Efex Pro;
  • Dfine; and
  • Sharpener Pro.

While I use all of the plugins in some way, shape or form, the three that I use the most are Color Efex Pro, Viveza and Silver Efex. The video above illustrates a normal workflow that I go through while using Nik Color Efex and Viveza to enhance an image taken in a public building, and demonstrates how easy it is to go from a RAW image straight out of camera, to a finished image that is ready to be printed.

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