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Piano Lovers Singapore (a.k.a. Pianovers) had convened at the Tanjong Pagar Centre on Sunday night on the 4th of February 2018 to unveil two new pianos. It was a bit of a paradox, given that one of them had a sticky A-flat key (which it took a 5-year old to point out), and that the other one, which had a groovy cage design, didn’t have a music stand!

Nonetheless, our group made more than a decent effort out of it, with a couple of a really good performances from the night.

I had a shot at performing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – and after a near perfect first verse, it all went south the moment I lost focus and my mind started drifting to matters that were anything but piano related. With that said, it could have been a lot worse, but in the end, I managed to make a half-decent fist of it.

The event has since been featured on the Tanjong Pagar Centre’s website.

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