Photo Shoot on Great Ocean Road – March 2014

This past weekend, a few friends of mine and I met up at Port Campbell along Great Ocean Road. I had been tracking solar activity and had noted that there had been a Class X, and several Class M solar flares in the week leading up to this. With a new moon, I felt that it would give us good odds of spotting the Aurora Australis. As it turned out, the weather conspired, and the clouds came in. I did catch a very faint glimpse of the Aurora over the horizon, but nothing particularly dramatic that I would celebrate. I shot a fair bit of time-lapse, and some regular video with a camcorder which I put together into this short behind-the-scenes video of the shoot itself. My photo shoots are non-commercial – no cash changes hands. I try to keep them small – typically under 6 people including myself. Everyone who attends takes their own responsibility to get to the destination. The idea is to create a comfortable social atmosphere spending time in nature, while looking out for each other’s safety. In the end, it’s about making a few friends, and hanging out doing the things that one enjoys doing.

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