The Block Arcade

An Icon from Melbourne’s Magnificent Mile

This is a view of the Block Arcade from the corner by the glass shop. This arcade is a major piece of Melbourne’s history. It is always full of people. So how did I take this image in the middle of the day with no one passing by in front of me? Well – it’s not made of a single image, but of 8 images shot at roughly the same time, and then layered in Photoshop. Then, using standard masking techniques, I’ve managed to remove people out of the image. You can check out the full tutorial here.

This is not a technique that I have invented. Masking is one of the most basic techniques in Photoshop and has been around for years. As a bi-product of time-lapse photography, one will typically end up with a large number of frames shots from exactly the same position with moving constantly moving elements while the stationary object remains in place. This generally means that one will end up with a large enough sample of images to be able to eliminate any unwanted objects in the frame and create an image that is free from distractions from the main subject.

The key about this technique is that you need light conditions to remain relatively stable through your photography process. Large variations in light levels will bring their own challenges in, and in some cases, can cause as many headaches as the very elements that you are attempting to remove.

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