Brighton’s Iconic Beach Huts

 Brighton’s Iconic Beach Huts

Every city has its own set of icons. Melbourne’s Brighton Beach offers up this set of beach huts. These are a mere five in a row of over 30 that line up along the coastline. As humble as these may be, their iconic status makes them remarkably dear. They do go up for sale every once in a while, but they are hard to come by. Their insides are very basic, and are typically used by their owners to store whatever one would use at the beach, and nowhere else. This shot was one of 100 frames that I shot with a Canon 5D Mark II when I had just begun taking time-lapse footage. The sun was rising behind the huts. I’m not very happy with the time-lapse footage itself. At the time, I didn’t know very much about lens flicker, and leaving the camera on auto-focus did nothing to help my cause. I did, however, come away with 100 good frames to choose from.

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