Chinatown Singapore

 Chinatown Singapore

A really simple image for today… part of the reason for this is because I am still recovering from the jet lag of my trip to Asia. The other part is because this image just happens to appeal to me this evening. This was shot handheld in Temple Street in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown.

The signs and the persistent lanterns lend it the influence of east Asia, along with the many souvenir stalls offering bulk pricing to tourists for all the wares. What sets this apart from the rest of Asia is how clean it is. Singapore has a motto of keeping a spotlessly clean image.

By law, vehicle owners are required to ensure that their vehicles are spotlessly clean whenever they take them on the road – which explains why you never get to see a soiled vehicle in this tiny nation.

While many regard it as a nanny state, the fact of the matter remains that Singapore has a very strict set of laws that are enforced with surgical efficiency. As long as you follow the law, no harm will come to you. It is one of the safest cities in the world, where you can wander the streets late at night without being concerned for your personal safety. It has become one of my favourite holiday destinations, and one to which I will probably revisit several times in the future, to go with my seven visits in the past.

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