Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls

It is a little out-of-the-way, but is definitely worth the visit. Liffey Falls in Tasmania is off the highway. One needs to follow an unsealed highway to get there deep in the forests. Once there, the trek to the bottom starts of easy and becomes increasingly challenging – but it is completely worth it. It is especially special on a day when the weather is overcast. If it happens to be raining, do not shy away… dress for the weather, and tread carefully on the descent. But once you get to the bottom of the falls you will realise that the hike was completely worth it.

I had shot this around 2pm on a day when the weather had gotten progressively gloomier as it progressed. Showers had been passing through the area, and the rainforest canopy dripped  on me as I made my way down the path. When I reached the bottom, I was awed at the roar of the falls. I’ve come to realise that the best time to photograph a waterfall is not so much on a day when the weather is bright and sunny, but on a day when the weather is overcast. And if it has been raining – you’re in luck, as the falls will be full.

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