Split Point Lighthouse

Great Ocean Road has a number of attractions. When driving from Melbourne, one of the first ones that will greet a traveller along this tourist route is Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet. This image was shot in the southern winter of 2013 on a partially cloudy day when weather systems were rapidly changing. This lighthouse was constructed in 1891, and converted to an automatic operation in 1919.

It was originally called Eagles Nest Point. The lighthouse still has the original British-made Fresnel lens. The factory that made the unique lens crystals was bombed during the World Wars. The lighthouse stands at 34 metres tall and has 132 stairs leading to the top. Guided tours are operated daily. This lighthouse has been featured in several popular TV and movie productions, including the 2003 horror flick “Darkness Falls” (the storyline of the movie is based in Massachusetts).

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