The Ceiling of the Royal Exhibition Building

 The Ceiling of the Royal Exhibition Building

This is the ceiling of the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

Thanks to the discovery of gold in Victoria in the 1800s, Melbourne soon became the world’s wealthiest city. Along with its wealth, came the ambition of its people to put themselves on the map. As the concept of the World Exhibitions had just started, an Australian representative was sent to Europe to persuade representatives from the then 35-or-so participating nations to organise one in Melbourne. As the various delegates agreed, the building was erected as part of the facility to host this event.

This building has also been the seat of parliament, and the site of where Australia became a Federation. It very nearly met the unsavoury fate of being torn down to make way for a parking lot (the motion was defeated by a single vote). It is now the single largest exhibit of the Melbourne Museum.

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