Sweating it out over Badminton

Two years into my stay in Singapore, and I have started finding new hobbies and new ways to socialise.

One of the two most constructive ways of socialising that I have discovered is by playing badminton. It’s very popular in this part of the world, and not particularly expensive (a 2 hour session is about $6).

I play with a group that I got to know about on Meetup. (The same group also happens to organise bowling events).

We meet up a few times a week at a place called Our Tampines Hub. This is a new sports facility and shopping centre that has an amazing place to play a few rounds of badminton with friends.

We usually book out courts for a couple of hours and take turns playing in groups of four. At the end of the evening, we’ve burnt a few calories, sweated, and then end up chatting over a meal at the food centre downstairs.

If you’re new to Singapore, this is something that I would encourage you to look into, to get to know more people.