Tokyo in Time Lapse

This city of 34 million people has a lot to offer to a visitor.

I’d been planning a trip to Tokyo for over 8 years, and I finally decided to just go and do it earlier this year. I spent 7 days in Japan of which 4 days was dedicated to time in Tokyo. During this time, I found that I walked an awful lot while carrying 23kgs of camera gear on my back. At the end of the trip, I had developed rashes on both my shoulders, but came away with enough footage for two short films. This is the first of those two.

Japan is an awesome destination, and Tokyo is amazing. It is HUGE! It has a certain charm about it that comes from the juxtaposition of its grittiness that contrast against an effectively run nation that prides itself on efficiency. It is very easy to fall in love with this city – as I did – and feel drawn to come back again (as I hope to).

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