Waiting for departure in Bangkok

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This is a bit of a delayed post. Last week, I took a short break to spend in Bangkok. I’ll have a more substantial write-up about this trip in the next few weeks. This one is purely about the aesthetics of the departure lounge.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the crown jewel of Bangkok’s economic development. It’s a great airport – not quite as good as Singapore’s Changi (though that is a tall order to meet), but a very well organised and laid out airport. Their departure lounge is something that appealed to me, not merely in its aesthetics, but also in its functional design.

You see, all the departure gates are on the lower level from this level – and they all open and allow passengers down a ramp to the boarding area. The travelators all move in one direction – out – and there are no facilities in the area, aside of a couple of charging stations. This keeps the area free from crowding, while subliminally herding passengers into the duty free zones where there are plenty of restaurants and shops.


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