White Night 2013

On February 23rd 2013, the city of Melbourne hosted a party that was the first of its kind for its locals. Following in the spirit of Paris, Montreal and several other cities in the world, the city powered up its lights from 7pm to 7am in celebration of White Night – a cultural event where traditional and digital artists and musicians gave Melburnians a taste of some of their amazing concepts.

Among other things,

  • a laser show on a screen of water above the Yarra;
  • the exterior wall of the National Gallery of Victoria turned into a giant digital canvas;
  • Flinders Street Station turned into centre stage for an entire 12 hours of music and entertainments; and
  • the facade of State Library of Victoria used as a projection wall, with the Dome inside serving as a concert hall.

These were just a few of the many attractions on an amazing evening in the city. Melburnians did themselves proud in an incident free evening around a family friendly event that went all night long.

This video is made of 2,400 individual still frames which have be post processed and assembled into time-lapse sequences.

Music by BrunoXe – Creative Commons; sourced from Jamendo.com.

Special thanks to the group of young revellers who posed in the middle of the video on Flinders Street… the video would have been a bit dry without the spirited element that you brought in with such spontaneous candour!

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