White Night 2014

In 2013, Melbourne hosted a party that was the first of its kind for its locals – the first White Night Melbourne. It was such a huge success that it is now an annual event. This weekend, Melbourne celebrated its second White Night, where the city powered up its lights from 7pm to 7am in celebration of art, culture and music.

Last year’s event was attended by approximately 300,00 people. This year’s event had over 500,000 visitors. The city has never been quite as full. There were places where pedestrian traffic came to a complete standstill.

I photographed and filmed a few events around White Night again this year, and bring to you this time-lapse video, made from over 4,900 still frames, and a few segments of camcorder footage. I had to make this a two-innings photo-shoot – starting out at 6:30pm and shooting till midnight, and then again from 5:00am till 7:30am. If you’re planning to attend this event in future years, my recommendation is that you come into the city after 3a.m. when the crowds have mostly gone home, and you can walk around with ease. There are still people out and about, and lots of security personnel.

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