270 Degrees of Taipei

This has been sitting on my hard drive for several weeks now, waiting to be completed. In October 2017, I made a twin trip to South Korea and Taiwan. This is from the second leg, shot over 3 days in Taipei.

A lot of this was shot from the viewing deck of 101 Taipei, and almost entirely using a Sony A6500 (there’s just one segment that has been shot using an Osmo X3).

Taipei is an awesome city to visit. It’s easy to get to, relatively cheap to get around, and it almost seems like the city has built its infrastructure around tourism. Almost every single tourist attraction seems to have a train station within 5 minutes from it… several of them have a train station directly underneath them.

I was somewhat fortuitous when I landed to Taipei. Being autumn, it rains a bit. That day, it was overcast with the sun streaming in over clear western skies. There was a rainbow hanging around for quite a while, occasionally evolving into a double-rainbow at times. I managed to catch it very briefly from the top of 101.

I do plan on returning. Next time, I plan to get out of the city!

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